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BurOak Japanese Club
Welcome to this Club!

There are two reasons for me to start this club.
First, my friend started a puzzle club last month, and his resume has so much things to say that is almost a publishable book, so I start to feel peer pressure and choose to begin this "clubs race".

Second, a club is very helpful for your resume. When writing your resume, you can say: "I'm a eager-learning person. I have a strong ability on learning languages, that in highschool joined a JAPANESE club!"
If you are applying a part time job like McDonald, you can even say: "I have a strong language skill because I joined a Japanese club in my school so I can handle Japanese customers."

Although I said that ... this club will still be a pretty normal Japanese club, I won't just let us sit there and do nothing. I still have something that I want to show you guys that is related to Japanese. so Don't think it's just a wasting of time, it'll be pretty fun... I guess?

And that's all about my introduction to our club. Hope you will have a great experience in this club and... have fun~

Things we might lalk about in our club